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Video: Guurloth

23 Jul

Video: Anrak the Foul

23 Jul

Guurloth Falls!

22 Jul

Guurloth Falls

Guurloth Falls
Another exciting night in Gilded Prophecy and another boss falls to the might of the Scarlet Underground. Guurloth, aka “Simon Says,” is dead.

This was a great accomplishment for SU as the Guurloth’s fight is all about following directions. It was a huge confidence builder for our raid team considering how new we are as a unit and how quickly we’ve accomplished these kills. Anrak fell on our first night of raiding (only the second night the guild was together). Guurloth fell after only five solid attempts.

We also put in four attempts on Thalguur, getting him to around 50% twice. This guy should be dead on Sunday!

Congrats to Luzza on his Thick Gold Belt and to Aalwein on his Earthshadow Tunic. Also, congrats to Agentj, who picked up the Mace of Longing and Ancient Ethian helm from Anrak on Wednesday.


Finally, the Scarlet Undergound is currently recruiting folks for our 20-man raid team. We are very light on mages and clerics, and could also use a few warriors. We are still full on rogues.

Day Two: Anrak Falls

18 Jul

Day Two: Anrak Falls

Day Two: Anrak Falls

Who says when you start things over you have to start them off slow? On only day two after Scarlet Underground refilled its ranks, it was off to the races. We ventured into Gilded Prophecy with limited but optimistic expectations – but we never would have guessed we’d nearly one shot our first boss as a group.

Anrak the Foul, the scorpion and first boss of GP, went down without much of a fight. Attempt one we got him to 3%. I think the excitement of doing so well got to us at the end. Three tries later, the bug (yeah, I called it a BUG) was dead.

Congrats to Luzza on the Mace of Greed and Aalwein on the Quantum Repeater.

Another Revitalization

17 Jul

Scarlet Underground faltered on Corthana (I mean, honestly, who could have known it would be a Trial server?) but it has moved on to live again.

Now on Laethys, Scarlet Underground will become a late night raiding guild focused on progression without running members into the ground with a heavy raiding schedule.

More details will be forthcoming.