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Welcome to the Scarlet Underground

22 Feb

Is little, and broken... but still good. Yeah, still good.

Welcome, everyone, to the revitalized home of the Scarlet Underground. The site is under heavy maintenance at the moment so expect to see things changing constantly and possibly some nasty errors occasionally. Don’t worry, the dust should settle in a few days or so.

To anyone who has been eyeballing RIFT, Scarlet Underground will be making a home on the Guardian side of the Wolfsbane server. Look up myself, Aalwein, or my wife Daryah if you would like an invite once the guild is formed. Remember, the headstart begins in less than TWO DAYS, so get your pre-orders in! Steam, Direct2Drive, and Trion Worlds all offer digital downloadable pre-orders, including Collector’s Editions.

See you in Telara!