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Position in the queue: forever!

25 Feb

Wolfsbane is full

So here’s the deal, Wolfsbane is extremely popular. And by “extremely popular” I mean forever queue times. Granted, this is going to be common right here around launch, but 5 hours is too much. Consider that fact that this is around 2pm JST (4pm AEST) – the Aussies are still at work and Wolfsbane is the unofficial oceanic server. That means the times could get even longer!

So we’re thinking a server switch is in order. Corthana is the newest PVE server so this is probably our best option. We’ve got a thread open discussing the situation. So far it’s 2 – nil on opting to switch to Corthana.
Update: We’re going to switch to Corthana as our server choice. I’ve got a lot of updates to make around the interwebs about it. Sorry if you started a toon and actually got somewhere with it on Wolfsbane. Here it is 7PM AEST and Wolfsbane still has a 2 hour queue time… and this is just the headstart! We have a whole second launch to contend with!

TL;DR: Scarlet Underground will be on the Corthana shard