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RIFT Goes Live, SU Smashes RotF

1 Mar

Scarlet Underground's First RotF run

Head start is now over and RIFT is now officially live to everyone – boxes are on the shelves. RIFT launched with 99 servers which is absolutely insane for a new MMO. Hopefully this doesn’t thin out the population to much. Needless to say, it seems like we need more people on Corthana. The population gets a bit thin in the late evening Aussie time. If you are reading this and still on the fence about playing RIFT, you are truly missing out on the next great MMO – jump in and join us!

The guild is doing very well. We have several people in their high 20s and even one in his 30s (Kahz, – that was a lot of cloth!). Along with our old timer core we picked up a group of folks who even switched from Defiant to Guardian to join us after Wolfsbane’s initial overcrowding. One who shall remain unnamed is freakin nuts with the tradeskill alts.

In actual game news, SU stomped Realm of the Fae without blinking. We smashed through it three times in one day (twice in an hour) and knocked out our guild quest, which subsequently got us level 2. Yay us! I don’t know about everyone else, but RotF was extremely fun. And we proved Riftstalker is most certainly a viable tank spec!